Just as He said.


It was Sunday morning. Jesus had been dead for 2 days. Some women were headed to the grave to mourn and bring spices which they had prepared to anoint Jesus’ body. We know the story. When they got there, the angels said, “What are you doing here?? He told you. We know, looking for Jesus, but, uh, don’t you remember what he said? He told you! Why are you looking for the living among the dead?”

He told you!

Yes, I’m paraphrasing, but that was basically their response laid out in the gospels. This Easter that phrase seemed to hit me hard. “Just as He said.” The question is: Why were they not waiting with baited breath the third morning after His death? He told them! Why were they going to perfume the body? He told them! Why were the disciples grieving still? He told them!

I can’t imagine what the angels were thinking that they didn’t say. I can just see them looking at each other and then at the women and thinking, HELLO…? this is GOD we are talking about. HE TOLD YOU!

But before I roll my eyes too hard, I have to remember that so many times, I myself have showed up at the tomb mourning the death of Jesus….. every time I choose to doubt what He has already told me.

An entire book of promises and rules and laws of his universe we have at our fingertips and we act like it’s not true. I mean, If I am being honest, there are many times I have doubted what God has said:

He loves me. He is good. He will work everything for good in my life if I love him. I have everything I need to serve him. I can do what I think I can’t with his strength. Every sin will lead me to heartache instead of joy and peace. He will take care of all my needs. He will defend me against enemies who wrongfully accuse me. He will mend my broken heart. He will fulfill his promises. He has a plan for my life.

All of these things I have doubted at one point or another after He has told me over and over that they are true. Hello? This is God we are talking about.

It is simply a matter of faith. Maybe we have grown too used to getting everything we want when we want it. Maybe we have been too busy seeking His Hand instead of His face. Maybe we have become too lazy and too comfortable and too pampered that when it comes to a question of our faith, we show up at the tomb more often than not still looking for the living among the dead, and the angels shake their heads.

Christian, God has told us. It really is just as He said. Do we believe Him on a daily basis for the little things and the big things? Let’s get in the word. Let’s know His promises so that when questions arise we can cling to them. Let’s grow closer to Jesus and seek His face so that we can see His hand work in our lives instead of just looking for what we can get from Him. He is so good. And He has given us everything we are and everything we have…… the least we can do is have faith and believe that things will always turn out according to the Bible… just as He said.


  1. Thank you Lauren that was another wonderful blog, I know I can relate to it at times in my own life as well. Doubt is the darkroom in which negatives are developed. After all Satan may build a wall around us but he can never put a lid on it. Sorrow looks back, worry looks around & doubt looks down… so when we’re feeling surrounded, just lift up your eyes towards heaven from whence cometh our help ! Jesus: He is the Prince of all Power, Strength & High Tower.
    Looking forward to your next blog I enjoy them πŸ™‚ God bless,


    • I love that analogy – satan can never put a lid on us and however high he builds those walls God can still lift us out! Praise the Lord πŸ™‚


  2. Thank you for this reminder Lauren that it’s not about what we can get from God (a hand-out) but, more about what we can GIVE to Him (our time, our devotion, our energy, our gratitude, our joyful songs, our praises). Sometimes I doubt God’s promises as well but this post just reminded me that I should lean on His Word instead of my own mind.




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