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  1. Praise the Lord! Kudos to you for your discernment and honesty. I read a couple of your blogs today and am so encouraged. Great way to use the ‘things of the world’, pinterest specifically, to further the Kingdom! Thank you.


  2. Hello! I saw that you feature modest (but still COOL) styles on your website and want others to send in pics.Thank you for dedicating an entire day to that, because too many of us Christian girls think ‘modesty’ is wearing Pilgrim clothes in July or having style = being sleazy. You’re officially cool! I look forward to actually having a camera around one day and taking a shot of myself to send to you. : ) Have a great ‘Fashion Friday!’

    Rebecca B.


  3. Dear Full time Girl,

    I just wanted you to know that your blog has been a big encouragement to me. Keep on standing for Truth and spreading His Truth.
    I just had a question about how you make the little design/picture squares with different encouragements on them? Do you have a computer program for this?

    Joshua 1:9
    In Christ,


  4. I am 19 years old and a freshman college student and I wanted to say-Thank you so much! I’m completely blessed by this blog to be able to be fully encouraged in the Word! There were a lot of things I didn’t know about God and now understanding him, I am in a more deeper AND closer relationship with my true love & Savior! I have grown to be satisfied in him but also learned so much more about trusting his will and plan for me! Thanks to God for you Lauren because you help women realize their true worth in Christ. It’s amazing how protective and loving he is but also how much he blesses us with comfort as we turn our lives over to him! Surrender is the beauty in following Christ & fully knowing that he will always take care for us. For he doesn’t ever waiver or forsake me but is truly constant. To seek him for his Kingdom is the most fulfulling aspect of my life and I can’t wait to spend eternity with the Lord! So thank you Lauren once again and for making a difference for Christ!


  5. Hi Lauren! I hope all is well and once again, I want to say thank you for serving the Lord and for your encouragment as I grow as daughter and woman of Christ. You have inspired me to encourage my church at home to start a women’s ministry. I truly believe it is AS DIFFICULT for women as also men in this generation. We have also dealt with temptations and lies. Most women (not all) often don’t see their own value in Christ and for that, they make decisions that hurt their spirits. They turn away from God and dealing with the consequences, they end up having to suffer NO


  6. they end up having to suffer as their hearts get hurt by the evils in this world. I wanted to ask you what should I say to my pastor but also why you believe it’s so important to encourage women of Christ? Why is it so important to reach us NOT ONLY MEN? What should I say to my pastor? Thank you for your help.


  7. Lauren, This is truly an amazing blog. Designed by God for you to broadcast. I have been so blessed to know that modesty, purity and godliness is practiced by such a beautiful woman. This blog is a blessing for me and many other teens and young ladies to have as a guideline for fashion and spiritual guidance from a woman that lives out her life for God. I don’t have to be like every other girl at the beach or have what society calls a ‘normal love relationship’ with my boyfriend. You’re an inspiration! God Bless You and your work!


  8. Hello! Wow! What a complete answer to prayer and blessing finding this blog. Actually, you found me! Thank you for that. I have been struggling with who I am and what I place my identity in and just a few of your blogs really have spoke to me about who God wants me to be when finding a guy and life in general! Thank you so much for this blog, it definitely met me right where I was at! Excited to read more and become a godly woman who God created me to be.



  9. Your Blog had lively encourage me so much and had help me exatly the time I needed. I pray God, that he continue using you like a woman who will mark all our lives.
    God Bless You!!


  10. The full time girl has been a real life saver. I’m 16 and living between the UK and Nigeria has been a struggle of different cultures .But when i found your blog i felt safe and like someone out there understood me .I’m really glad there are still young ladies that hold true virtues .Its a struggle as so many teens around me have gone all the way and its so normal ,I’m just the weirdo .But your blog has been a blessing , I can just see the majestic crown you’d wear when GOD rewards you for the work you’ve done .Please don’t give up or be weary because in due time you’ll reap if your faith fail not.


  11. Heya!! My eyes have been glued to my laptop for about an hour straight, I cannot stop reading your posts! Thank you for sharing your insight on all of these topics. I would love if you would stop by my blog and give some feedback if you have time! Thanks a lot!


  12. Hi Lauren, thank you so much for taking time to post on this blog. I stumbled upon it recently and after binge reading I am completely moved and in need of a serious sit down with God. I have already shared multiple posts with my friends! You truly are a blessing. I pray that you will continue to point people towards our father. God bless x


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