Pretty is as Pretty Does

My parents didn’t constantly tell me I was beautiful. They didn’t call me princess or tell me I was the fairest of them all. They weren’t concerned with my self-esteem or if I wondered if I was skinny or pretty enough. I was loved and that was enough. But every time I would bring up that I wanted to look pretty or thought I didn’t look good enough or even if someone told me I was beautiful, my mom told me, “Lauren, pretty is as pretty does.” That alone became all the self-esteem that I needed. I knew that what made me truly beautiful was not my hair or face or clothes or body. I knew that what I did, who I was, how I treated people, and my heart for God was the ultimate deciding factor of my own personal beauty.

There is nothing more beautiful than a girl who longs to please her Savior in whatever she does, and there is nothing more ugly than a girl who is full of hate, and bitterness, and jealousy, and strife.

The pages of the magazines have nothing on the pages of God’s word. You can read all the magazines you like and collect all the beauty tips they can offer, but if you don’t open the pages written by the author of beauty and walk in his footsteps, you will never truly have a beautiful life.

You want to have worth? Self worth isn’t realized by hearing that you are pretty. There are lots of pretty girls. A pretty face or nice things isn’t going to make you special. Self worth isn’t even realized by hearing you’re loved or cherished or wonderful… It doesn’t come from other people. Self worth comes from doing what is right.

Only inner beauty- not physical beauty- not all the things we obsess over- only the heart is redeemable. Only love, forgiveness, humility, faith, perseverance, self-control, goodness, grace, and mercy can be truly beautiful. There are a million “beautiful” people in the world, and what we lack we create in photoshop. Physical beauty doesn’t make you special. Everyone may not live up to the world’s sick standards, but that is not what our lives are about. Who cares what they say? Stop grasping. We live for so much more. You are more than a beautiful face and body. You are a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul. You are a more than beautiful daughter of the King, and, baby, that is a life worth living. Don’t let anyone tell you different.
Pretty is as pretty does.


  1. Just wanted you ladies to know that I refer to your updates on FB all the time. Keep it up because what you talk about are issues ALL LADIES deal with all the time. So much encouragement and faith. I love it. I often times fwd things you say and your blogs to my step daughter. I pray they help her as much as they help me!!


  2. Hi Lauren, thank you for shedding some light on the meaning of true beauty. It seems like we have it all backwards these days, looking at magazines and celebrities to show us what it means to be beautiful when we need to be looking inside of God’s Word. Outward beauty is temporary but it’s beauty of the heart that never fades. Blessings to you!


  3. So True!! The Bible should be our first option and never the last resort. Every time I reflect on the book of Proverbs, I’m simply amazed by how God loves us and how he longs for us to build inner beauty rather than outer. “Female Magazines” in 2014 are filled with sensationalism and ridiculous advice. I really love this article Miss Demoss!! Thank you!!


  4. This is beautiful!!! So many young women need to hear this message. Thanks for sharing! May God continue to bless you and use you to touch lives across the world!!!


  5. I thank God for leading me to your blog, Lauren. He is using you to inspire so many people, helping us in our journey with Christ. God bless you!


  6. Beautiful,thanks so much Lauren for this,
    Love your posts,your posts are so encouraging
    and draws one to focus on God’s Love

    Thanks once again!

    May God bless you


  7. Love this! And it really is true! For instance, there are some people I know who, when I REALLY think about it, aren’t actually all that pretty at all. But when I’m around them, I honestly never even think about that at all because all I can see is the beauty inside of them flowing out. On the other hand, there are some people who, when you REALLY think about it, are actually very pretty, but you never really see that when you’re around them because of what they’re like on the inside.


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