FAQ: "Where do you find all your cute modest clothes?"

I am somewhat of what some people, or most people, ok, all people, might call a “shopaholic.” Maybe in the tiniest way. And I love to post on instagram pictures of my fab modest finds! (@laurendemoss) I do this #1 because I just love cute clothes :] and #2 to prove that modest can be totally and completely fashionable. Basically, the excuse that, “I just can’t find modest clothes” is total hogwash these days.

That being said, I want to share with you some helpful websites that promote modest clothing. Would I wear ALL the clothes on these websites? No… probably not, but they do offer some really cute modest options. Check it out…

The Shabby Apple




Ok last, but not least is my favorite! This site scours in internet for modest clothing from tons of different websites, and puts them all in ONE place! It’s amazing….



Can you find modest clothing elsewhere? Absolutely. Pick any brand you love, and I bet they will have modest pieces in their collections to choose from. For more inspiration, visit my instagram or follow me on Pinterest! I’m always pinning cute modest clothes!

Happy shopping!



  1. A couple of other modest resources is SexyModest and DownEastBasics. One advantage is learning how to sew because you can make your own dresses and skirts that are long enough. The popularity of the maxi skirt really helps a lot of girls out, too!


  2. Other places to find modest clothes are, but not limited to, Modest Women Wear, Sevier Skirts, Love my Jean Skirt, 4 Modesty, Style J, Delarosa Custom Jean Skirts, Jade Mackenzie, DCM Apparel, See More Cute Jean Skirts, SevenTwo Denim, Victoria by Elizabeth, and Munoz Skirts.


  3. I love a lot of the cloths you posted, but a lot of them were $80-$150. I can’t afford that. Do you know of any stores that are more affordable and still have modesty?


    • I don’t know if you have a Cato around where you live, but they have really good prices and will have a lot of modest skirts and dresses, even though they don’t specialize in modest clothing. I’m talking like, around $20 for skirts and usually never over $30 for dresses. Also, a place called SexyModest Boutique will have a lot of stuff for good prices, even though some of it is a little pricey. But I’m with you, a lot of the specialty modesty sites are way too expensive for me!


  4. A great website to find modest clothing at an affordable price is Kosher Casual! Kosher Casual offers modest clothing for the modern lifestyle. Kosher Casual makes a full range of modest clothing basics for women, teens, and girls at very affordable prices. Check out the website and see for yourself: http://www.koshercasual.com


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