Christianity and … fitness?

If you have read my blog for any length of time or at least skimmed over my posts, you’ll know most of what I have to say deals with finding our worth in Christ, embracing inner beauty, and living the Christian life out of a loving heart confident in Christ’s love for us. Today, I want to talk about something with the help of my friend Jimmy Peña that may seem contradictory at first.

The issue of health and fitness.

It’s almost as if we as Christians tend to shy away from this issue because of what the fitness craze has done. Instagram is over run with half-naked models flexing their muscles in provacative poses and neon colors. It’s turning average people into insta-superstars because they bare it all on the internet, and frankly, it is very off-putting to someone trying to live a Christian life. Because of this, Christians have either fallen into the trap of joining this #fitfam or shying away from the gym at all. I have even thought to myself, “Well, I’m not going to tell everyone I’m on a diet or I’m working out, isn’t that all “vanity” anyway?”

Is God really ONLY concerned with our hearts?

This is where my friend Jimmy comes in. Jimmy Peña is an exercise physiologist, speaker, and bestselling author whose clients have included LL Cool J, Mario Lopez (with whom he co-wrote the New York Times bestseller Extra Lean), and Tyler Perry, and he has written a book that has me so incredibly excited.

His newest book The Prayfit Diet is empowering Christians to take back the fitness culture. Not only does he offer practical advice in ways that anyone can grasp, but he explains from the Bible why we should be keeping ourselves healthy through fitness and healthy eating.

I know I sound like an infomercial right now, but I BELIEVE in this book, guys. It’s like #fitfam and #faithfam met, had a baby, and named it the Prayfit Diet. Let me give you a few examples of what I mean by this.

“The Prayfit Diet doesn’t encourage the extraction of your sweet tooth, nor does it champion rapid weight loss at the expense of overall health. Eating your macronutrients in equal proportions facilitates weight loss, not by steering you in the direction of the drastic but by returning you to the way that you were intended to eat in the first place.” (pg 30)

“The Lord didn’t intend for us to fret over every single calorie in the way that other fad diets would have you believe.” (pg 31)

“Whatever your goals are, big or small, jot them down and refer to them daily. As you do, whisper to yourself, ‘God’s will and good health,’ because here’s the thing: if it’s important to you, it’s important to Him. He cares when you care. He cries when you cry. Your goals of health, when listed for the right reasons are a means of praise. Just turning your heart toward accomplishing them brings Him thanks and praise. And you know what? I think the things you accomplish through the Prayfit Diet–even of those things weren’t on the list–will simultaneously glorify the Lord and amaze you.” (pg 40)

Whether you are just starting on a journey to better health or you are in the middle of one or you have reached all your goals already, whether you don’t exercise at all or you just joined a gym or you are a regular, whether you have no idea where to start or you simply need new motivation, the Prayfit Diet is such a refreshing faith-filled perspective of WHY we should be taking care of our bodies for the glory of the Lord and to accomplish His purposes. It will truly change your perspective.

I really believe the Christian community needs and can use Jimmy Peña’s knowledge for the glory of the Lord and that the Prayfit Diet will empower Christians to take control of their health in order to win the world for Jesus Christ.

Check out for more information on Jimmy or his book, to preorder, and even enter a special preorder giveaway!

Also, Check out Jimmy Peña and Prayfit on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

You will not regret it. :]


  1. This is great! I joined a run group at my church called Run for God ( It’s a training for a 5k or 10k challenge along with bible study. I have met some awesome people. We are having our graduation race in May. My daughter is also running with me! We are so excited!


  2. I know I am only 120 lbs and therefore don’t have much room to talk, but I do agree with you! I have always felt that this is the body God gave us and that it is OUR responsibility to take care of it. I have never really said much about it, though, because being skinny, I didn’t want people to think I was being judgmental, especially because I don’t personally know what it’s like to be overweight. I definitely don’t think we should have to fit into this mold that the world tells us we should fit into.


  3. Oh my goodness! Why am I just finding out about this book???? I’m definitely a part of the #FitFam, but I’m wayyyyyyy more modesty. Nobody’s seeing my bod–just a bunch of sweaty-face pictures and fitness quotes. LOL! I’m down about 60 pounds and still have a few more to go and some sculpting to do, but I tell you it gets tough and I’m just trying to stay on the wagon (and not get run over by it too often). Thanks for the recommendation. Definitely gonna get this book to supplement my Bible studies on health. 🙂


  4. Thank you for addressing this topic! It’s tough to talk about because people assume that either overweight people are being put down as lesser or people just assume you’ve jumped on the fitness lifestyle bandwagon. It’s definitely something that should be out in the open as we are to treat our bodies as temples and be physically capable of performing any feat which Christ calls us to. Great post!


  5. I stay fit because I’m healthy and want to stay that way. I honestly couldn’t care less about what anyone thinks about me. I mean, I want to be attractive, yes, who doesn’t, but I care more about 1) God 2) my self-esteem and the way I feel rather than what anyone can say about me.


  6. Love these thoughts!
    I’m very passionate about this subject, being a personal trainer myself. I started my blog because I wanted to find the balance between health and holiness, and firmly believe that although fitness should be a part of our lives, it should not be an obsession.
    I’ll be checking this out for sure! 🙂


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