Brokenness Redeemed: the concept behind my logo


I can’t believe it’s been 2 years! I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the people who read and follow and love and support and encourage me! It means so much more than you know. I’m too excited that I get to touch people’s lives that I’ve never even met. It’s absolutely crazy to me, and it’s absolutely evidence that God is so faithful and so good and so able. I’m so so blessed to be workin for him. So, today, for my blog-birthday, I would love if you would share my blog with someone you love, someone who needs encouragement, someone who loves Jesus, or even someone who doesn’t yet! Thank you!

With that said, everyone asks me where the concept of my logo came from so I thought I would take this opportunity to explain the reasoning behind it.

Colossians 2:10  And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power.

I am so human, and with my humanity comes so many areas in which I lack. I am not perfect and I will never be, and sometimes I hate that fact. Yes, I know no one is perfect,  but there seems to be a part of me that longs to be perfect so that I can be enough… enough on my own to earn God’s love or approval. There are things every day that I do that disappoint God, and it’s a constant battle to change those things in my life to line up more with the life of my Jesus. I could get down on myself a lot, discouraged by me and my own failures,  and even give up at times because the enemy of my soul tells me all the things I will never be and never have….

But God…. wait, isn’t that a GREAT phrase? There are countless passages in the Bible that use these two powerful words, and I would dare say that these are the two words that I am MOST thankful for. But God… is perfect. And, the thing is, God isn’t surprised that I am not perfect. He isn’t even surprised when I trip and fall, and have to come crawling back on my knees to surrender the broken pieces back to Him for repair. Because God, my Jesus, my Lord, HE is constantly taking every area in which I lack and making me whole. He takes the broken pieces of my life and not only restores them, but fills them with Himself… so that He IS completeness in every part of me. From the very beginning of my new life, my salvation, He has made up for me. He did the things that I could not do, and He can be the things I can not be. Everything you long for or need or don’t even know you need yet… He is.

He is the Acceptance you need.
He is the Love you long for.
He is the Trust that can be restored.
He is Mercy to get you through every day.
He is Grace overwhelming and abounding when you are at the end of your own.
He is Rest when you are worn down.
He is Peace in the storm.
He is Joy on the mountain top.
He is Hope of all that is to come.

He has it all, and as a child of God, it’s ours to take….But we have to give to get. When you give everything to God, when you find your very identity in Him, He becomes the completer piece to every part of you. He breaks you, heals you with His own hands, and places Himself in the empty pieces you have lost. He is ready to be trusted with the things you can not be trusted with on your own, and even in the midst of your incompleteness, you can be whole. Because its not about perfection… its about being whole. Complete. Only in Jesus, you can be who He has made you to be. You can be enough, because He is enough. You can be whole because He completes you. There is such freedom in surrender…in knowing that He alone can make me “perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” I can not do it on my own, and He is not surprised.

So, I give up, not altogether, but all to God.

Thank God that He reaches down to touch the life of each of us, and so beautifully gives of Himself every day so this broken, lacking girl can be complete. He is ready to heal you, complete you, and redeem you. Don’t wait to give it all to Him.



  1. I’m so blessed by all that you write Lauren! It’s such a pleasure every time you share about Jesus and todays post is no different. So encouraged by the phrase “There is such freedom in surrender”…. those are some seriously powerful words! That is all I want to do – give my life to Jesus so that I may be complete in Him and know my worth and identity no matter what comes my way. Wishing The Full Time Girl a very happy birthday and praying that God keeps using you to reach out and touch the hearts of readers 🙂



  2. Hi Lauren. congrats on the 2 years! I’ve been reading your blogs and have to commend you on such a sterling job. You are truly an anointed ‘girl’ of God and write with such conviction and discernment in the Holy Spirit. I am reminded that God IS my Joy, Peace, Grace, Hope and First Love. He is Amazingly Perfect.
    We need to live life accordingly to the Godly-standards written in the Bible, not of this world. To God be The Glory, Always.
    I pray your articles reach the masses. x


  3. I found you a few months and I’m so blessed that I did. You give me so much hope and encouragement! God has given you a great gift. Keeping doing what you’re doing!!! 🙂


  4. Thank you Lauren for starting this blog 2 years ago. I Thank God for the circumstances that lead you to create this amazing blog and for that one day that you decided to follow me on Twitter. From that day on I have been inspired and have been able to share your blog to whoever I know. You are loved beyond compare and again I thank you for allowing yourself be used as a vessel of God and from your God spoken words.

    With love and grace- Diana and Michelle


  5. Hi Lauren! I just wanted to thank you for writing these posts. I really enjoy reading them because they always remind me of where my worth is found and that I need to surrender my life completely to Jesus everyday. Thank you SO much for sharing your truthful words of wisdom!! =)


  6. Wow. That first paragraph following the photo of your logo, on perfection, is SO relatable for me. Been there many, many, MANY times. So grateful for the grace of God and the fact that we can truly rest in Him.


  7. I thank God for his life Lauren. God has blessed me and helped. He gives you a lot of strength to continue their walk with Christ. I’m from Brazil. And I love your blog.


  8. I came across your blog a couple of months ago and fell in love with it! I have been reading all your past posts. I just wish every girl would read your blog! I have shared some of your posts on Pinterest. I’m glad you told about your logo because I had honestly never even noticed it before. Also, I had been wondering how old the blog was. I hope you keep doing for a long time!


  9. Just what I needed like a shot of espresso to the soul. Thanks Lauren. I just stumbled across your blog today…but I can say honestly its the best thing to happen to me lately. Congrats on the 2 yrs. Keep it up!!


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