In 2014, I want to stay the same


What a year, right? Everything is the same and yet so many things are different. So many things changed… everything but the things that really matter. Could we have known? Well… yes.

We get so caught up day in and day out with the things that change-the things that don’t really matter- that we forget to take the time to appreciate the constants in our lives. We want new, better, bigger, and best. Change is great, but when we are constantly making improvements instead of taking the time to see things as they are and just be still, we miss the things that make our lives complete.

These things matter. They matter so much to us that we would literally be altered as a person if they were taken away, and yet we treat them as commonplace because they are not a new-edition, a 2.0, or a rarity for us. They are every day, every week, every month, and little by little, they make us who we are.

God is a fan of remaining constant. He doesn’t make new years resolutions to be a better God, to get more in shape, to earn more money, to…. {insert whatever it is we think we need so badly}. He is a constant in a confusing world. He takes joy in being forever faithful to his word and to us. How blessed we are to have Him even take notice of us, let alone love us and provide for us the way that He does. Forever loving, gracious, forgiving, merciful, faithful, tender, powerful, holy, and majestic every minute of every hour of every day even when things are spinning out of control in a crazy world, He is still. He is rest. He is the same.

Love remains the same. I’m not talking about the fickle “love” of temporary relationships, but true love- the bonds of family. Husbands and wives, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, sisters and brothers. It remains. There is very little that can be done to break the bonds of that type of love. It is God-given. It is home. It is constant.

In 2014, I want to focus on the things that matter, I want to be something that matters, I want to be constant. I don’t want to be tossed around by the storms of life, I don’t want to let outside circumstances or what I have or have not be in control of my mind and my spirit, up one day and struggling the next. I want to be guided by the sure and steady hand of my Savior, the Rock of my Salvation. I want to be a steady place that others can look to in time of need. I want to be someone who constantly has the joy of the Lord even in tough times, consistently seeking the Lord and striving to be in the center of his will. The same today and tomorrow like Jesus and his perfect constant love.

So what changes are you going to make today? Are you going to focus on the things that are not really going to matter in a year? Or will you make a resolution with me to recognize the things that matter? Will you be one of those constant, steady, important things with me? This changing, improving, always “new and improved” world needs Christians who will remain– true to God, true to his words, true to his will- Every second of every hour of every day- to come home and love the people he has given us, to praise him for his hand upon us, and to serve him because of all he has done for us.

That is my plan in 2014.



  1. Love this Lauren! It’s so important for every single one of us to stay faithful to God and who He calls us to be in this world around us that is constantly telling us to change according to its own values and standards. To remain devoted and strong in our faith and walk with Christ during all seasons of our life is one of the greatest testimonies we can share with the people around us. Thank you for this reminder. May God bless you in this New Year!


  2. Great post Lauren! While there is always room for improvement in our lives, we often elevate petty things above those that are TRULY important. It’s important to make resolutions that matter. That’s one of many things I learned in 2013 🙂 Happy New Year!


  3. This is a great post. I love how it goes against the popular mindset of change as each new year rolls in. Our God never changes — He is forever faithful, forever loving, forever with us. For that we can be confident that He will always stay the same and keep His promises. While many embrace change this time of year, I will — for the first time — embrace what should be constant. Thanks for sharing this!


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