Outsmarting the Competition

Hey, I passed some girls today at the mall, the ones you wish you looked like. They didn’t seem to have the same sparkle as you though. I saw that boy, the one you wish you had. He was with a girl, but still looking at every other girl who walked by. I saw those clothes the ones you wish you could wear. They didn’t seem all that great since everyone else is wearing them. I wasn’t all that impressed with what you don’t have because I know what you already do have. You have a beautiful heart after God, the promise of a love story written by His hand, and a unique style and personality all your own and perfectly made for His plans for you. Why do you want so badly to be like everyone else when God knows you were made for so much more? You have a bigger purpose. A heavenly purpose to use what he has given you to bring honor and glory to his kingdom, and to bring others to Christ.

I’m a girl. I know how it is. I can fall into the same trap everyone can. We scroll through pages and pages of people we wished we looked like. She has perfect hair. She has perfect teeth. She has a perfect body. She has the perfect smile. She has perfect clothes.

Well guess what! Nobody is perfect. Nobody. That’s what’s so great. Because if nobody is perfect then nobody gets to say what perfection is. You and I are just perfectly ourselves. I have lots of flaws and so do you. When we embrace them and are confident in Christ even when we have a bad hair day or get a big zit or forget to put mascara on only one eye or feel bloated…. We can look beyond it to the bigger picture. We can know we are loved and made perfectly in God’s image for the plan he has penned for us.

We are all a little quirky. Our personalities are all our own. Our needs, our wants, our likes, our loves… It’s all perfectly designed by God for exactly what He has planned for us. It is when we give ourselves completely to God- quirks and all- that we find ourselves altogether perfectly content in being perfectly who he created us to be! My self and personality is who God created and because of this, what God has for me is the joy of my heart. It is what I LONG to do because it is who I am– and what I was created for. God loves you. Just as you are and wants to be given control of all of you so that you can be wholly his and wholly yourself. Stop comparing yourself to strangers on the Internet when you can have a sparkle that shines from deeper than your skin because it’s the confidence and security of an identity found in Christ.

I’m don’t do competition. Why? Because on purpose, I choose not to. I am secure enough in my calling and who I am in Christ that I don’t need to worry about the attention that those around me are getting. Because the thing is, it’s not about ME. It’s not about you. It’s all about God. You aren’t seeking the glory of God if you are seeking the glory of self. Period. We have to be smarter than competition. Focus on the prize, girls, and God will take care of you. Focus on yourselves or what those around you are doing, and you will lose every time.

When we live our lives with this knowledge, it really does affect everything we do. The way we see ourselves, the way we see others, the clothes we wear, the things we say, the guys we pick, the love we give…. Literally everything changes when we remember our heavenly purpose on a daily basis and make God the focus of our lives. And, trust me, there is nothing, nothing, nothing more lovely than a life that is built around our Savior. Chase Him today.



  1. Ironically I read this last night, right after I had arrived home from being in the same situation. You put the thoughts of mine I knew I should exaggerate right on here, thank you


  2. I thank the Lord for ladies like you Lauren, who help keep us going… And this was worth posting… He does say we are to seek Him and all else will follow. We are be like Him, not everyone else.


  3. You are not seeking the glory of God if you are seeking the glory of self. Something I need to remember on the daily. Thanks!


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