Fashion Friday {4.12}

Hey there, girls! Happy Fashion Friday!

Chiffon Top: Free People

Jeans: Buffalo

Shoes: Fossil


Meet Andi!

Dress & Flats: Target

Belt: Forever 21

Necklace: Walmart

Earrings: Charlotte Russe

So cute!


Meet Stormie from Indiana!

Brown leather jacket: H&M

Polka dot dress: American Rag-Macys

Yellow tights: Icing

Brown Suede Booties: Ebay {$30- nice find!}


Girls! I am also on pinterest if you didn’t know. I do my best to pin MODEST outfits to choose from… { and lots of other fun things :} so for more ideas, go follow me there! {Click HERE}

Thank you so much for sending in your pictures, girls! If you don’t see your picture this week, stay tuned for next weeks edition of Fashion Friday :]
Have an amazing weekend!

If YOU would like to be featured on Fashion Friday, please send your photos of your fashionably modest outfits to Be sure to include your name, where you are from, and the brands so we can share. :]



  1. Hi.
    I really love the stuff you post. I have another question for you? There is a girl that I like but we are best friends and I think she has no idea how I feel. She really trusts me with a lot of things but I really like her. What do I do???
    Do I tell her that I like and endanger that trust that I have or do I say nothing and just write it off….?


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