What's so special about you?

I teach a 1st and 2nd grade Bible class every day at school {which is both a curse and a blessing, but mostly a blessing}. Their little faces while I tell the Bible stories get me almost every time. Today the lesson was on Dorcas.

I told them how Dorcas lived a life serving others and helping the poor. When she died, her friends went to Peter to ask Him to raise Her from the dead, and He did, and so many believed on Jesus because of the miracle of Dorcas’ resurrection.

After the lesson, I asked a question that stuck with me throughout the day. The question was “What was special about Dorcas?”

Immediately, the children knew the answer. And it wasn’t that Dorcas was pretty or popular. It wasn’t that she could play sports well. It wasn’t that she had a 4.0 or went to expensive school. In fact, no other details of Dorcas’ life are even recorded for us to reflect on.

The thing that made Dorcas special was what she did for Jesus.

That was the thing worth remembering and recording for all to read. A simple girl who served others out of her love for God.

It seems like we all want to be special, feel special, and look special, but in searching for our worth, we so often overlook not what makes us special but WHO makes us special. Without Jesus, where would we be? I would be just like everyone else. Trying to make a way of my own where there was no way to be found. Wandering aimlessly down lonely paths only find the end is just as barren.

But what have I done for Jesus? What have I done to touch hearts for eternity? Have I allowed Jesus to work through my hands, my feet, and my mouth? Because, guys and girls, THIS alone is what sets us apart. This alone makes us special and worth remembering.

You really want to leave a legacy for ages to come?Give your life completely to Jesus, and let Him make something special out of you.

So what’s so special about you?


  1. This is truly beautiful sis, at pulled at my heart strings! Glory to To God for sharing this Word!!!! I will be sharing with others tomorrow on Twitter! Simple but powerful!


  2. I honestly never gave Dorcas a second thought until now….I just thought her name was goofy, and never took a look into her life. But after reading this article, I read the passage in Acts about her, and I have found a new appreciation for it. I am planning a devo for a weekend trip with teen girls in our youth group, and I will be sharing your post and the Scripture passage with them…they are younger teens who I believe would benefit from this thought of what makes them truly special!


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