Fashion Friday {11.2}

Hey, girls!

Fashion Friday is back! Sorry about the missing weeks.. Hope you enjoy! :]

Jeans: Buffalo

Lace shirt: Fossil

Sweater: Rachel Roy

Boots: Sam Edelman

Meet Clare :]

Clare’s whole outfit is from: T.j.maxx

Love it!



Someone To Watch:

Power of Modesty was founded to create a safe environment where teen girls find the love, understanding, support, accountability and guidance they are seeking through relationships, and to give them the message of freedom and grace that we can only receive through Jesus Christ, allowing transformation to be a process and a journey so they can make a positive influence on our culture.

Check out their website {HERE}

Check them out on facebook {HERE}

Check them out on twitter {HERE}

… GO :]

Happy Weekend!!

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Hey, you! I NEED your pictures to be on Fashion Friday! Please send your photos of your fashionably modest outfits to Be sure to include your name, where you are from, and the brands so we can share. :]



One comment

  1. Hi! You website is beautiful! Just what I needed tonight. 🙂 Thank you for all your awesome posts!! Keep being an awesome full time girl for Jesus!! Blessings. ❤


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