My Music Monday {Casting Crowns}

“As a believer, all of your life has to stem from what you draw from,” says Casting Crowns frontman and principal songwriter Mark Hall. “If you’re drawing from a marriage, you’re in trouble because that person wasn’t created to complete you. If you are trying to draw from a career, you’re in trouble. If you are trying to draw from your strengths, strengths come and go. All these things are really holes, not wells. Jesus is the well.”

“Your friends aren’t the well. They aren’t always going to do the right thing or be there for you. You draw from Jesus. You pour into your friends. Your scholarship can’t be the well. If your knee goes out, your well is dry. You need to draw from Jesus, pour into that. It became such a theme for everything that I have been teaching. Your walk with Jesus is where it all starts. It’s where it all comes from. That is where it started with the idea of Jesus being the well vs. other things. I knew before any other songs were written that this album had to be called ‘Come to the Well’ because that is the central theme of everything we’re going to talk about in the next two years.”

“It’s the story of the woman at the well and when she first meets Jesus,” Hall explains. “Jesus says, ‘If you knew who you were talking to, you would ask me and I’d give you living water.’ She’s like ‘what kind of water is this that you’re speaking of?’ In other words, I’ve got my water that I’m talking about. You’ve got your water you’re talking about. We’re talking about two different things, and he says to her, ‘well if you drink the water I have you’ll never thirst again.'”

He alone can satisfy. Come to the Well.

Visit Casting Crowns website here.

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