My Music Monday {Bethany Dillon}

“The last year has been the sweetest year of my 21…” Bethany Dillon says, “There are so many layers to it, and I don’t always feel like a grown up, but it’s been a really sweet time of learning. I can see the grace of God in it. So much has come to the surface.”

That Bible story of Mary and Martha has always been special me. There’s Martha working so hard to get everything right and Mary sitting at Jesus feet. And Martha, in all her frustration, saying ‘Don’t you care that I’m doing all this?’ And Jesus replying, ‘You’re anxious about a lot of things, but Mary has chosen the one thing necessary…’ That’s such a hard thing for anybody to hear– that haunting call of the Lord. When I see Him face to face, I want to know Him. I’m called to know Him. Mary took advantage of being in Jesus’ presence. Such a story begs the question of us: are we desperate enough to have that kind of faith, to pursue Jesus at any cost? Because He came to change everything for us. He came and gave everything He didn’t have to give so that we could come to Him. While we were His enemies, He chose us. He didn’t have to. Do we really understand and take advantage of this amazing truth?

“The Way I Come To You,” reflects this singer/songwriter’s spiritual journey as of late: “I love being married to Shane for lots of reasons—one being, how much I’ve learned about loving Jesus from him. He is constantly talking about the glory of God in the death and resurrection of Jesus. The more time I spend with him, the more I’m hit with the reality… the forgiveness and reconciliation found in Jesus is staggering. The freedom that we who are in Christ have is ETERNAL!”

The Way I Come to You by Bethany Dillon

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  1. I absolutely love Bethany Dillon’s ministry and her music. I go to her church near Dallas, and her humbleness and willingness to lead worship for Sunday morning service, even though she is a big time recording artist, is such an inspiring thing to see. I am so grateful for her songs and her ministry!


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