*Fashion Friday* … featuring YOU. Care to help? :]

So many girls have mentioned that it is SO hard to find modest and cute clothing…. well I’m here to set the record straight. I’m a shopper, people.. and these are my confessions. We have got to take back fashion, girls… we have got to take control of what we wear, and how we present ourselves. Because if we claim the name of Christ, He cares how we do it.

I do NOT have a problem finding cute and modest things to buy.

And to prove it, I’m starting a new segment of the blog called “Fashion Friday.” It will feature some of my favorite outfits, and where to buy them! …. and of course will post on Friday. :]

However, the best part is that YOU can be featured in Fashion Friday too! Simply take a picture of your favorite fashionable modest outfit and send it to thefulltimegirl@gmail.com, and check back to see if you are posted! Be sure to include the picture, your name, where you are from, the brands of your clothing, and a link to where we can buy it.. down to the shoes please! Recently purchased items are best because they will still be in stores :]

I think this will be a super fun way to share clothes, and encourage each other to dress modestly to bring honor to our Jesus.

I’m super excited for Friday!!

Spread the word!!




  1. girls who have a hard time finding cute, modest clothing aren’t looking hard enough… which begs the question “how badly do you want to be modest?” if you truly want to honor God in your dress and look cute, i whole-heartedly agree that it can be done! you can dress to be admired, not desired. i admire your fashion sense and look forward to seeing friday’s post! 🙂


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