My Music Mondays {Francesca Battistelli}

“The more you walk in relationship with the Lord, the more you learn to trust him. I’m learning not to focus so much on the issues I think are so big right now—our bus has broken down, or someone said something that frustrated me. I’m learning to slowly let things roll off my back, to say, ‘Hey, God knew about this before it happened and He’s got a way out or a plan better than mine.’ I’ve learned to stop freaking out and just trust that God knows what he’s doing. He’s not going to leave me in a bad place because He never has before.” -Francesca Battistelli

So many good songs by this artist, and it is usually a struggle to pick just one. However, with Francesca Battistelli, I knew exactly the song I would post. I believe this song is applicable to a lot of people. Everyone has been in a place in their life where they felt they were “in between” what has been… and what is to come. What God has done… and what God will do. It takes so much faith, trust, and obedience to wait on Him in every situation- to follow Him no matter what the outcome and no matter how I feel because God promises a good result. It will always be worth it to follow our Jesus. Everything that God has done for us should bring us to our knees, and it should always be enough for our time in between.


Visit Francesca’s website here :]

[youtube_sc url=]


    • Really? It is working for me… I will look into it! It is called “Time in Between” by Francesca Battistelli if you want to look it up in the mean time :] thanks for letting me know!


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