My Music Mondays {Ronnie Freeman}

“I think these songs came out of a longing for something to take place that’s only just happened in the last few months. Everybody’s got closets in their heart, the ones that are filled with all sorts of trash and clutter, that you don’t want to open or acknowledge. For me, I see now that that’s what I was doing with my life. I let God and other people into some parts of my life, but there were those closets I just kept closed. There were some dark corners I needed to open up and let the light into and just clean out,” says Ronnie Freeman.

So many of us seek fulfillment from things,  social status, and pop-culture attractions.  But a person who is truly fulfilled, peaceful, and beautiful is one who has made Jesus Christ their all in all, their first love, their only worth.  A man or woman who has truly become a living sacrifice for Jesus Christ is one who will change this world for eternity. We are nothing in and of ourselves. Without Him, we would not exist let alone have any worth. Any worth we have comes from He who has made us, and any true good in us is truly only Jesus. No matter where you have been, God has an incredible story to write for your life – He’s simply waiting for you to give Him the pen.

“I hope these songs will inspire people to reflect,” he concludes, “to come to that crossroads of faith where they examine their own hearts and lives. I personally played church for so long, and I want to call people out of that. Not in a scolding way, but in an inviting way. I want to call them into a new place. A place, where together, we can hear God Speaking.”

Visit Ronnie’s website here.


The Only Thing by Ronnie Freeman

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