My Music Mondays {Kari Jobe}


“Ultimately, it’s about declaring who He is and enjoying the simplicity of knowing the Lord is near,” says Kari Jobe. “He’s for us, He loves us, and sometimes, we need to just stop, enjoy His presence and take that in.”

For those who know me it is needless to say that Kari is my favorite artist. I had the privilege of  meeting her last summer in Peru on a missions trip she and I were a part of. She was as sweet, and fantastic as she seems. Not only does she have a beautiful voice, but she is a beautiful person from the inside out. She has such a sweet spirit, and a gentle way about her which really comes through in her music. Her worship will bring you to tears. Every song is a love letter to God. Singing of his love and faithfulness, we can never go wrong.

I have so many favorites that it was so hard to choose one to highlight. However, this song is one of my favorites on her newest cd, Where I Find You. It is so good to know that whatever we are going through, in whatever situation or age we find ourselves at, God is always there. We can always find Him right there with us. He never ever leaves, and we find Him on our knees.

Visit Kari Jobe’s website here :]

[youtube_sc url=]

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