My Music Mondays {Jimmy Needham}

So, I want to start a new segment of my blog on Mondays featuring some of my favorite music. Music is so important to your life, and can help you grow in so many ways. Listening to Godly music is essential to spiritual growth, and can be such a powerful form of encouragement! There is so much good Christian music out there, and I have soo many favorites! So, even if you don’t seem to like my style at first, keep checking back on Mondays! You are bound to fall in love with at least one of these fantastic artists.


My first Music Monday post will be….. drum roll…. Jimmy Needham. I just love him. If I could give you a list of my favorite Jimmy songs, it would include most every song He sings. He is so real with his lyrics, and his style is so fresh. He puts his heart and soul into every line. This song in particular is SO close to my heart and so relevant to Christians today. Many people go to church, and sing the songs, and get emotional in their worship, and then go out the church doors and live lives that do not glorify the God that they “worship.”

When I hear the word worship, I get flashbacks of my whole life. Worship to me is more than just songs and music, worship is a lifestyle. The original meaning of the word ‘worship’ is ‘a condition of being worthy, honored, or renown.’ Who is more worthy than God? He is a King, Friend, Lover, Servant, Keeper of hearts and Savior of souls. To me there will never be enough thanks, never enough words nor thoughts high or deep enough to adequately convey His worth. I don’t know how to give back to the Lord what He deserves other than to just offer Him my life and every part of me. To give Him my all, that’s my ultimate desire. Worship is more than a song.

I really hope you enjoy. Here is link to Jimmy’s website.. He also writes a fantastic blog. He is just one of my favorites of all time. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

[youtube_sc url=]


  1. I LOVE this song. Jimmy Needham is just as genuine in real life as he is in his music. This song is such a good reminder in my daily walk with Christ.


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