beauty in the process..

Psalm 13:1,5  How long wilt thou forget me, O Lord? for ever? How long wilt thou hide thy face from me? ….But I have trusted in thy mercy; my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation.

I have goals and dreams. Everyone has them.. or should have them. Something to look forward to, to strive for, and to pray about. It’s such a beautiful thing when our dreams and goals are the same as God’s…When He places the desires in your heart, and gives you the strength and the faith to follow through with them. But, what happens when these desires seem so far out of reach? When it feels like forever that you have been stuck in the same season of life, and as much as you pray, and have faith that God will fulfill these desires He gave you…. it seems as if God refuses to help you out, or just simply forgot.

My life would just be so great if I could just have this one thing.

The thing is, it’s not about me. Throughout history, in the entire screenplay of time, there is only one starring role. Someone that this whole, wide, mad world literally stays in motion for… and it’s not you or me. I think some people might be disappointed to hear this fact, but we are not the main character. There is a story so much bigger than us. We are simply extras in this movie; background noise in the plot that is ALL about God.

But God cares about me, and wants me to be happy.

He has already given us everything we need to have all the joy in the world in any circumstance. He has given us Himself. Without whom joy is unfathomable. He only knows what is the very best for us, and He cares about us so much that He is willing to withhold certain “good” things from us… but why?

For our good, and His glory.

In this season, this seemingly forever season, God is breaking you, molding you, shaping you, and allowing you the opportunity to cling to Him. He has not left you alone, He is right there waiting for you to reach up to Him. He is waiting for you to surrender completely, and trust Him for whatever the outcome may be. Who knows the ways of God?

My favorite verses are found two places in the Bible. King Saul had gone into battle and was killed, and David’s first response to the turn of events was to sing praise to God. This song is recorded in  2 Samuel 22 and Psalm 18. David gives glory to God for fulfilling His promises after years of trusting and believing when David did not understand. David ran from Saul for so many years! I’m sure at the time, David felt like this season would last forever, and we can see his thoughts and prayers in the Psalms.

After all those years of heartache and confusion and trusting God, God’s timing was still perfect, and, finally, David could rejoice. We look back on David’s life, and see that David looked to God, kept the faith, and that God was faithful. And even though David could not see the process OR the outcome, God was the main character. He kept David safe, and had molded him, and shaped him for David’s good, and used Him in SUCH a mighty way that I’m sure David could just not even imagine for HIS glory. The outcome was beautiful, and David could finally rejoice, and he did….but how much more beautiful was the process? How amazing are the Psalms of David recorded for us to take comfort in; the prayers to God from David’s heart; the praises to Him for His goodness in the midst of hard times; the record of the faithfulness of our God. Fact is-God knows best, and if you are seeking His face, you are in the exact place you need to be for God to get the most glory from your life. Seriously, what an honor.

Who knows who else is watching OUR story? Who knows what impact we can have for the kingdom of God by staying faithful to Him especially in the trying times?

David was just human. He had the same God that we have. Our story can be just as beautiful.. as long as we embrace each season God gives us. We can trust our God, we can claim every promise, and we can know that God is faithful and that there is beauty in the process and not just the outcome. God will see you through every day.. He promises, and it is ALL for His glory. See, life is so much more beautiful when it is about Jesus than when we make it about ourselves. Let go. Let him play His role as the Main Character in your life. Let’s play the background, always seek Him, and watch God “work out everything for good to them that love Him…” Trust His heart, and know there is beauty in the process.

As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.
For who is God, save the Lord? or who is a rock, save our God?
It is God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect.
Psalm 18:30-32


  1. I had to tell you that I am so thankful that I stumbled upon your blog and read this piece. I was just telling my friends that this is exactly how I’ve been feeling and it’s so reassuring that I’m not the only one who’s struggled or is struggling with this. I honestly felt like God was speaking through you, because it captured my life so perfectly and was so personal, and intimate… especially, when you mentioned Saul and David, because I’m currently reading that story. You know when you read or hear something from a complete stranger and it’s so personal it’s as if they knew you? That’s how I felt reading this! Thank you so much for writing such reassuring, honest, and encouraging words. God is definitely working in you and using you, and I had to tell you that. For this one simple comment, know that soo many other people have also read this piece and felt the same way!


    • Thank you so much for leaving me a comment and telling me that. It is so encouraging and I am so happy that you were blessed by it. And I’m so glad we can learn and grow together. Xoxo


  2. Thank you for sharing this. I love hearing my sisters in Christ speak and spread God’s truth. Father knew I needed to hear this tonight. I have been stuck in a season of life it seems like, thank you for reminding me of God’s promises and pointing me back towards Christ. Christ is the answer:)


  3. Thanks alot for this post. I have been stuck in the same season for the past 3 years and I am just realizing within the past year that I am growing spiritually. Sometimes I feel so clueless as to why I am still stuck here, but thanks to your post I realize that I am doing the right thing 🙂


  4. Lauren, I thank God for allowing me to come across your post. I must admit that I have lately been questioning God a lot about the things I have for years waited for Him to grant me. I am reading your post after exactly 34 minutes since I sat alone in my room, with my Bible in my hands as I read out Psalms 13: 1-3. This came after I felt that I needed to ‘face’ God and ‘remind’ Him that He had ‘forgotten’ me and so He ought to answer me; for how long He would let my tears flow!
    It got my eye when you stated: “But God cares about me…He has already given us everything we need to have all the joy in the world in any circumstance…”, and I smiled when I read this: “He only knows what is the very best for us, and He cares about us so much that He is willing to withhold certain “good” things from us for our good, and His glory.” This is where I stopped agonizing over my circumstances as I wait for that perfect moment He has set for me.

    Indeed God has used this to remind me of His Greatness. May He continue using you as He ministers to His people.


  5. I love how you put this! I have been going through a really tough season for a good while now and have had times when I felt that even though I was calling out to God, He just ignored me. Like He was watching me drown. However, I have finally been able to get to the place where I see His hand in my life and how he is molding me and preparing me for something greater. I would love to share this on Pinterest, but there’s no “pin it” button!


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